Safeguard Your Place With Absolute Security System Absolute System detects gunshots and sends the message to the call-centre Learn More to monitor the situation and send help.

Founded by an Ex-Policeman

Beverly Security is founded by James Oliver, an ex-policeman who knows the need for the Absolute System as a definite solution to the rising gun violence in the US. The device detects gunshots and panic alarms on the premises where it is installed. On the event of an emergency, the Absolute Device immediately sends an alarm to the monitoring company where an agent gets to view the video feed from the cameras installed in the premises. All the critical information like the address of the premises, location and the type of event are sent to the monitoring company. The agent makes as assessment of the situation and makes a call to the concerned emergency service such as the police or the local security to report the incident.

01. Instant response on gun shot

02. Call centre Assesses the situation

03. Emergency Services are alerted

For Emergency Fixing or Appointment

Gun violence is a leading cause of premature death in the U.S. Guns kill more than 38,000 people and cause nearly 85,000 injuries each year. Most of the cases if instant action ha been taken the casualities would have been far less.

If you see something, you must say something. Thanks to Absolute Security, it alerts the emergency services immediately on hearing a gunshot. Since the system works automatically, even when situations don’t permit to call the emergency services, you will have intervention almost instantly.

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Absolute System
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Absolute Alarm System

Our nation is having this very intense debate over how best to make our communities safer and reduce the carnage that occurs from firearms - APHA Executive Director Georges Benjamin, MD


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Places which use absolute security systems


Your business is protected by our security system which is instantly alerted when an active shooter releases his first shot. We alert the proper authorities within seconds of the shot.


Our security systems providing churches a safe environment. We are alert 24×7 in detecting instantly any gunshot and assessing the situation and immediately alerting the emergency services.


During an active shooting situation, students may not be able to help the authorities, but these school camera systems will put the proper eyes and ears at the location.


Our industrial monitoring system ensures that we exceed the required standards and are fully licensed in every state that requires a security monitoring license.