The Absolute System

The Absolute System is a network of security devices that monitor events such as gunshots and panic alarm situations. If one of these events occurs, the monitoring systems automatically notify local security or 911 centers immediately. Critical information is passed along during this notification, including an address and live video feed.

The Absolute System’s security alert system responds immediately to emergency situations by making a phone call or sending an email. Both audio and text formats are used in order to convey critical information to the authorities. All important events are recorded by our security camera systems for evaluation after the situation is over. These features of our security monitoring systems help to ensure that all emergency situations are handled in a timelier manner, as well as help guarantee that all available resources are optimally used.

The Absolute System utilizes Rapid Response technology- giving you peace of mind in knowing that you have trained, highly-qualified personnel on your side. Contact Beverly Security to learn more about The Absolute System.

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