Advanced Rapid Response Technology

Beverly Security is committed to the most advanced technology to aid in providing maximum security in any eventuality. Most security systems provide information after the damage is done and loves are lost. But Beverly Security offers Absolute System which detects any gunshot instantly and informs the call centre which assesses the situation and alerts the emergency services.

01. Best technology is integrated

02. Works instantly during emergency

03. Immediate action on Gunshot

For Emergency Fixing or Appointment


Our Commitment

The vision of Beverly Security is to offer the most safe and secure environment to make all places vigilant and keep a constant eye on crime prone areas.


Beverly Security is committed to offering the best technology in the security industry for a safe and secure environment.

Beverly Security offers end-to-end security solutions:

01. Your Site is inspected to pick the ideal place of installation

03. Subscription given for the Call Centre Intervention

05. After-salles support given at any point in time

02. Absolute Router System is integrated with your camera and wi-fi

04. System is monitored for any trouble

Absolute System

Absolute System is one of the most ingenious devices that actually offers security in its truest sense. While most security systems provide footage or information after the crime is committed, Absolute System ensures immediate action on catching a gunshot. The system sends an alert to the call centre, which monitors the situation and alerts the emergency services.


Beverly Security is the result of a vision of an ex-policeman who understands how the emergency system works in the US. James Oliver was a cop before he took interest in developing the Absolute System to alert the emergency services instantly on hearing a gunshot.

The vision of the company is to provide state-of-the-art security systems that are response driven and not just providers of information after the crime is committed.

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