Commercial Features and Technology of Industrial Security Systems

Industrial Security Systems

To achieve integrated security, it is essential to have a comprehensive and customized solution on hand. If you haven’t heard about industrial monitoring system, in this blog, you’ll learn everything from what they do, to what features they incorporate. Security systems provide your business with a safer work environment by assessing the needs. These are great for SMEs with security needs as it offers an off-the-shelf home alarm system – but customized to your specifications. This, in turn, enhances security operations throughout the commercial setting.

However, even for companies who have extensive security needs, these systems have given remarkable results. They protect more employees and high-value assets with by continuous monitoring and management. A commercial security or industrial monitoring system comes with a range of standalone or integrated configurations that include the following features:

  • Full access control
  • Advanced intelligent video surveillance system (AIVSS)
  • Energy management of HVAC systems (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) control lighting, and power-on and -off and related equipment
  • Fire, heat, water, and/or entry alert sensors
  • Real-time monitoring and alerts


Commercial Features of an Industrial Security System

Here are some of the more commercial features of industrial monitoring systems:

  1. Mobile-Enabled Technology

Security alarm systems backed by security companies send the current status of the space being monitored straight to your smartphone or tablet, or any system that has a secure internet or cellular connection. Some companies even give you the ability to lock and unlock doors directly from your mobile devices, managing the entry of visitors for example.

  1. High Definition (HD) Video

Modern industrial monitoring systems are instilled with high-megapixel cameras to provide high-definition quality of video footage to the user. This feature not only helps the user pay attention to finer details, it enables 100% zoom and frame-by-frame playback, as well..

Whether you’re purchasing a security system for your home or business, consider this feature above everything else. Else, if a theft occurs, a blurry or grainy image can weaken your case in court. The evidence needs to be clearly seen.

  1. Real-Time Notifications

These days monitoring systems can send crystal-clear video clips to your email so you can immediately reach out to police, fire, or other emergency personnel. Due to the improved features in these systems over the years, the frequency of false alarms has nearly reduced to zero. Your property can now easily be monitored at high levels of security.

The Best Industrial Security System

With a couple of industrial security companies to choose from, you should select one that offers end-to-end integrated industrial security solutions for commercial and industrial enterprise spaces. Beverly Security is an leading company in the security monitoring business that offers security solutions for various sectors such as religious, educational or corporate. Our integrated solutions help companies enforce the best practices to protect employees, customers, visitors, plants, inventory, production processes, and more.

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