Beverly Security is committed to having the most qualified, extensively trained personnel utilizing the best industrial security system to keep you and your location safe in the event of a threat. With our industrial monitoring system, we ensure to exceed industry standards and are fully-licensed in every state that requires a security monitoring license. Please continue reading below to learn more about how The Absolute System can benefit you! Contact us today to get started.



Religious organizations focus on providing a positive, friendly and open environment for their members to come and learn from the organizations’ leader. Through our security camera systems for churches, our focus is to assist with all certainty a safe environment within a timely manner. Safety is an unfamiliar area of most religious organizations- that is where we step in. Our church security monitoring assists in monitoring, alerting and protecting the unsuspecting.



We have designed these school security systems to pinpoint a threat, which is vital on school campuses with inexperienced students. During an active shooter situation students may not be able to help the authorities, but these school camera systems will put the proper eyes and ears at this location.



It is imperative that our security systems administrator realize that an active shooter has visited his target site prior to his attack. Therefore, he or she may have already prepared for a security guard, but our security system business administrator has prepared for the shooter by being able to alert the proper authorities within seconds of the first shot.

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