Rapid Response Security Systems

Beverly Security Call Center

The Beverly Security call-centre facility is 75,000 square feet and is the most advanced monitoring center in the industry. Our West Coast full-load facility is 35,000 square feet, providing further redundancy and an advanced platform for our continued growth. Our enhanced monitoring centers are custom designed, maintained to exceed all industry standards and provide the ideal work environment for our employees to serve you and your customers. Our work areas and on-site training centers have been cited as the best in the business.

How Absolute System Works

The Absolute system monitors emergency events such as gunshot and panic situations. It is a cloud-based system that uses the Verizon (GPRS) network and Internet for communication. The systems video integration with the monitoring center is based on leading integrated video platforms, immix® CS by SureView® and Central Station Video Interface. In the event of an emergency, the device alerts the monitoring company’s call centers. The center immediately takes control of the surveillance cameras installed in the premises integrated with the Absolute system.

Rapid Response Technology

The monitoring center specialists starts viewing the premises to make an assessment of the situation. In case of an emergency the monitoring center contacts the concerned emergency service such as the police, fire service or other local emergency service. The monitoring center reports the incident, and also the current situation at the emergency site. The system sends the GPS location, premises address so that the monitoring center specialists can view the maps and also provide the details to the emergency service. Under normal conditions the emergency services would be contacted well within a minute of the occurrence of the incident

Ready To Shoot

Absolute Security System

System Specifications

Absolute device:

ARM Cortex 3 Processor

IEEE 802.11b Wi-Fi Network Interface 2.4GHz.

Quad-band GSM/GPRS (800/900/1800 / 1900MHz)

Long range RF Module 400 MHz (Panic Key)

Input 100~240V AC.

Surveillance systems compatible by Absolute System

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